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About Us

History of Central Dental

Our company began in 1981 as a Winnipeg-based service company founded by John Haldane. John had a technical background in servicing and repairing equipment when he saw the need for a higher level of service and expertise in the dental market. He decided to start his own service and repair business in order to provide the level of client care that he felt was missing in the market. The company was called ‘Accuquip Ltd’. Starting with strong roots in the service and repairs business Accuquip then followed a natural progression of expansion into other dental-related markets including equipment sales and Sundry supplies, as well as the development of office renovation and new construction through our consultuing services. Central Dental Solutions is a recognized name as a division of the ‘Accuquip’ parent company.

Key Dates:

  • Established 1981
  • Incorporated as Accuquip Ltd. 1982
  • Expansion to equipment sales 1983
  • Expansion to supplies 1988
  • Purchased Central Dental Supply 2007
  • Central Dental Supply was established in 1940’s
  • Central Dental Supply becomes ‘Central Dental Solutions’ 2012

Our Staff

The knowledgeable and experienced staff at Central Dental Solutions is highly trained and reliable for offering excellent customer service. We strive to ensure that you have the products and service you need when you need them. Our employees understand the unique requirements of dental practices in today’s market and they have the expertise to be able to provide the answers you need.

We have built our business on a culture of integrity and trust with a family atmosphere. This feeling of family and service shines through in all interactions you have with Central Dental. We are here to help you and make running and managing your practice easier!

The expertise and friendly nature of our staff coupled with the quality products and equipment that we supply will help to keep you happy and your practice operating efficiently with innovative solutions.

Our Team

  • John Haldane, Partner – 37 yrs with Central Dental
  • Dave Haldane, General Manager –23 yrs with Central Dental
  • Cam Mailey, Service Manager – 11 yrs with Central Dental
  • Joe Evans, Service & Equipment Specialist – 12 yrs with Central Dental
  • Karl Grant, ServiceEquipment Specialist – 20 yrs with Central Dental
  • Reuben Aquino, ServiceHandpiece Repair Specialist – 1 yr with Central Dental
  • Vince Elsley, Logistics Coordinator – 8 yrs with Central Dental
  • Keith Tang, Purchasing Coordinator – 3 yrs with Central Dental
  • Leanne Nault, Customer Service - 3 yrs with Central Dental
  • Carol Haldane, Marketing & Product Development - 13 yrs with Central Dental
  • Cindy Haldane, Executive Assistant to the General Manager - 3 years with Central Dental
  • Jatinder Hans, Finance - 1 year with Central Dental
  • Corine Hoas, Customer Service


Suite 103-251 Saulteaux Cres
Winnipeg, MB R3J 3C7