Central Dental Solutions is brought to you by the Accuquip group of companies which has been caring for dental professionals since 1981. As a dental professional, your first priority is patient care. Our first priority is you! Our friendly, experienced and reliable team is ready to answer any questions you might have!

“With over 70 years of combined experience, we understand what you need. We have systems in place to deliver what you need when you need it. Our team is constantly educating themselves on the latest technologies in the industry to ensure we are giving you the best possible service.”

John Haldane

Armando Gonzales

Armando is a fresh face at central dental but brings with him 15 years of warehouse/delivery experience.  Together he and Vince make the perfect team to get things done.  In his spare time he loves to relax with his family as well as coach for a boys community/high school and competitive basketball team.

Gabby Mera

Gabby works in the finance department, mainly looking after AR/AP. She joined the Central Dental team in February 2020 after finishing her Financial Management Diploma at The U of W. Gabby has implemented processes that are helping the finance department to be as efficient as possible ensuring all vendors are paid on time as well as assisting customers to keep their accounts current. Outside work, she loves travelling and spending time with her husband and her furry baby Bonnie.

Vince Elsley

Vince joined Central Dental in 2010, working in shipping and receiving. Vince has completed multiple programs in working with the vulnerable and handicapped and has extensive experience working in this field. In his spare time, he likes to hang out with his family, going on outings and buffets.

Looking Forward

In 2021, we are more determined than ever to help our community. We live and work in Manitoba and want to support our community. We have been busy making plans for 2021 and look forward to announcing special programs and giveaways as the year goes on. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear from you! Email us at

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Repair + Maintenance

The plan description

Over the years, we have built an extensive network of suppliers to ensure we have a large parts inventory. Our service vehicles are outfitted with a range of these parts to limit repeat visits. Our services are completed in a timely manner to keep your practice running smoothly. We also have a large fleet of up-to-date loaner equipment to ensure minimum downtime for your practice.

We understand that you need a service and maintenance team that you can rely on. That’s why we ensure our friendly service reps are kept up to date with training and industry knowledge. Our team has a proven track record of helping to keep our clients’ practices operating smoothly, avoiding costly downtime.

An ounce of “Prevention” is worth a pound of “Cure”!
Rapport Service Plans

All Rapport clients qualify for special labour discount.

Rapport Level 01

Rapport 01 is a monthly check up on all your equipment by one of our friendly, professional and knowledgeable service reps. After the check is completed you will receive a report detailing key checks and the condition of your equipment. Many smaller problems will be corrected like split tubings and handpiece pressure issues, undetected these can lead to downtime and expensive emergency calls. Consider this as an investment in the equipment you depend on every day.

Rapport Level 02

Rapport 02 is similar to 01 but the frequency is once a quarter instead of once a month. Again, you will receive a detailed report and have the assurance that your equipment is being kept in good working order.

Rapport Level 03

Rapport 03 is a further plan scaled down for specific equipment. Many of our clients have chosen this plan to look after their air compressor and vacuum systems or their sterilization equipment. These equipment items are often the ones that are hidden away but very important to your practice – our team refers to them as your practices’ heart and lungs!

On-demand calls

Many clients still choose to call when they have a list of repairs or when they need an urgent repair; we call this “On-Demand service”. Try us today; you will find prompt, professional and proactive service.

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Infection Control

Central Dental Solutions offers a full range of sterilization testing control products. Our wide-variety of products meet the needs of today’s dental professionals and include cutting-edge data recording equipment which is supported by a mobile app. We have online demonstrations of the equipment to ensure all surfaces and equipment that are being used are fully disinfected and sterilized.

Infection control is key in preventing the spread of contagious illnesses, and we want to help you stay up-to-date with regulations and best practices in an ever-changing environment with our range of products, services, and information. Our Central Dental Solutions team is committed to providing your office with products and services that will help to keep you and your patients safe. We are constantly looking for the best solutions for all your PPE needs.

Reach out to one of our friendly sales team members at

Corine Hoas

Corine joined the Central Dental team in April 2018, working in Customer Service, bringing knowledge and a positive energy to the team. Corine graduated from Red River Community College in 2005 from Level II Dental Assisting with Honors. She is married to a Dairy and Grain Farmer, and a Mom to two young children. In her spare time, she likes to spend as much time as possible with her family and friends and enjoys reading, camping, fishing, and golf.

Dave Haldane

Dave Haldane is the General Manager and a Sales Representative. Dave joined the Central Dental team in 1995 after graduating high school. Dave has worked in just about every department and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge. He recently completed a post-secondary course in Advanced Business Management. Outside of work, Dave loves spending time with his family, spending time outdoors, and travelling.

Joe Evans

Joe works in the service department and specializes in the digital field. The service team works together to bring you the best possible service. He has been working on the team since 2005.  Outside of work Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons, canoeing, and spending time in the outdoors. 

John Haldane

John Haldane is President of Central Dental. He started the business in 1981, and the Central Dental you see today is a result of his tireless work. John has given a lifetime of energy and commitment to the business and has attained an incredible knowledge of the dental industry. In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. He also enjoys traveling, he loves the mountains and has devoted a lot of his life to helping others.

Keith Tang

Keith works in purchasing and accounts payable. He ensures our stock levels are maintained and the bills are paid. Keith joined the Central Dental team in 2015. He has converted 50% of our vendors from credit card/cheque payment to electronic bank deposit. Keith is a father to two little girls who like to keep their dad busy. He hopes to get back into Toastmasters, and he loves to travel.

Leanne Nault

Leanne works in Customer Service. She provides information regarding products and services, as well as assisting customers with their orders. Leanne joined Central Dental in fall of 2015. Before having a family, Leanne graduated and worked in Dental Assisting & Orthodontic assisting. She re-entered the workforce as a Dental Receptionist before joining the team at Central Dental. Leanne has 3 grown children that have kept her busy watching school plays, concerts and science fair projects. Leanne has been fortunate to travel across Canada & USA with her children’s volleyball and baseball teams. In her free time, Leanne enjoys going for walks at the Park and the odd game of CanJam.


Central Dental Solutions offers prompt and convenient delivery. Merchandise orders received before 11am are normally processed the day of receipt. Delivery time may vary based on your location, but we have included some estimated times of arrival below.

Estimated Delivery Times

  • Delivery within Winnipeg area will be next day for orders placed prior to cut off time. Rush orders may be expedited for same day shipment if required.
  • Deliveries within Manitoba are usually within 2 days
  • Delivery outside Manitoba – please call for estimated times

Most equipment is custom ordered and delivery ranges from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the product and the manufacturer.

Some common items such as intraoral x-rays, sterilizers, handpieces, compressors and vacuum units are kept in stock and can be available sooner than other equipment.

Medical Waste Pickup

Are you looking for a clean and convenient way to dispose of your medical waste? We feature one of Manitoba’s most efficient and reliable medical waste pick-up services.

We have years of experience and have proven our reliability through countless satisfied customers. Our promise to you is a consistent medical waste pick-up service. One phone call can lead to ease of mind by knowing you have a dependable service. Our friendly team will provide a set scheduled pick-up of your safely sealed and certified containers.

Central Dental Solutions provides pick up service or a drop off depot for Dental and Medical Waste such as:

  • Sharps / Needles,
  • Used Anesthetic Cartridges,
  • Scalpel Blades,
  • Dispos-A-Bowl Filters,
  • Amalgam Filters,
  • Amalgam,
  • X-ray Lead Foil,
  • Plaster / Gypsum,
  • Fixer / Developer Solution.

We supply most types of safe disposal containers and will pick up all types. Please contact our office to set up an account for this service at 204-885-7530 or email

Pickup Request

    Handpiece Repair

    Why Central Dental Solutions?

    Through our 70 years of experience of servicing and repairing dental equipment, we understand your handpiece is critical to your dental operation.

    We eliminate the frustration of waiting for parts by carry a large inventory of replacement parts in our NSK Authorized warranty centre in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. For the most part, your handpieces stay in Winnipeg to get repaired by our reliable and friendly service reps. This helps to reduce cost and further damage to your tool through shipping. While your handpieces are getting repaired or maintained, we have a wide range of rental equipment available to keep your practice operating during downtime.

    Our Guarantee

    We guarantee that from the time the handpiece is received at our office we will have your repaired handpiece* ready to ship back in just 72 hours. In fact, we are so confident in that, if it doesn’t happen your repair is completely free. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable handpiece service in Canada.

    Be sure to reach out to us for any questions and find out how you can take advantage of our 72-hour guarantee on the repair and maintenance of your handpieces.

    *A pre-approved repair

    Service Request