Medical Waste Pickup

Are you looking for a clean and convenient way to dispose of your medical waste? We feature one of Manitoba’s most efficient and reliable medical waste pick-up services.

We have years of experience and have proven our reliability through countless satisfied customers. Our promise to you is a consistent medical waste pick-up service. One phone call can lead to ease of mind by knowing you have a dependable service. Our friendly team will provide a set scheduled pick-up of your safely sealed and certified containers.

Central Dental Solutions provides pick up service or a drop off depot for Dental and Medical Waste such as:

  • Sharps / Needles,
  • Used Anesthetic Cartridges,
  • Scalpel Blades,
  • Dispos-A-Bowl Filters,
  • Amalgam Filters,
  • Amalgam,
  • X-ray Lead Foil,
  • Plaster / Gypsum,
  • Fixer / Developer Solution.

We supply most types of safe disposal containers and will pick up all types. Please contact our office to set up an account for this service at 204-885-7530 or email

Pickup Request