Re-Upholstery Service

Why use our Re-Upholstery Service? At Central Dental Solutions we are constantly looking for ways to save you money and expensive downtime. If your chairs need some TLC then you have come to the right place.

  • We have chairs that will replace yours while we fix them. This results in no downtime for most dental chairs.
  • It is more cost-efficient to reupholster your current chairs then to buy new ones.
  • We have custom upholstery available.

Contact a member of our knowledgeable sales team today to schedule a time to have your chairs reupholstered. If you have any questions, let us know by emailing or call 800-665-7302.


Central Dental Solutions offers prompt and convenient delivery. Merchandise orders received before 11am are normally processed the day of receipt. Delivery time may vary based on your location, but we have included some estimated times of arrival below.

Estimated Delivery Times

  • Delivery within Winnipeg area will be next day for orders placed prior to cut off time. Rush orders may be expedited for same day shipment if required.
  • Deliveries within Manitoba are usually within 2 days
  • Delivery outside Manitoba – please call for estimated times

Most equipment is custom ordered and delivery ranges from 2 to 8 weeks depending on the product and the manufacturer.

Some common items such as intraoral x-rays, sterilizers, handpieces, compressors and vacuum units are kept in stock and can be available sooner than other equipment.

Medical Waste Pickup

Are you looking for a clean and convenient way to dispose of your medical waste? We feature one of Manitoba’s most efficient and reliable medical waste pick-up services.

We have years of experience and have proven our reliability through countless satisfied customers. Our promise to you is a consistent medical waste pick-up service. One phone call can lead to ease of mind by knowing you have a dependable service. Our friendly team will provide a set scheduled pick-up of your safely sealed and certified containers.

Central Dental Solutions provides pick up service or a drop off depot for Dental and Medical Waste such as:

  • Sharps / Needles,
  • Used Anesthetic Cartridges,
  • Scalpel Blades,
  • Dispos-A-Bowl Filters,
  • Amalgam Filters,
  • Amalgam,
  • X-ray Lead Foil,
  • Plaster / Gypsum,
  • Fixer / Developer Solution.

We supply most types of safe disposal containers and will pick up all types. Please contact our office to set up an account for this service at 204-885-7530 or email

Pickup Request

    Handpiece Repair

    Why Central Dental Solutions?

    Through our 70 years of experience of servicing and repairing dental equipment, we understand your handpiece is critical to your dental operation.

    We eliminate the frustration of waiting for parts by carry a large inventory of replacement parts in our NSK Authorized warranty centre in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. For the most part, your handpieces stay in Winnipeg to get repaired by our reliable and friendly service reps. This helps to reduce cost and further damage to your tool through shipping. While your handpieces are getting repaired or maintained, we have a wide range of rental equipment available to keep your practice operating during downtime.

    Our Guarantee

    We guarantee that from the time the handpiece is received at our office we will have your repaired handpiece* ready to ship back in just 72 hours. In fact, we are so confident in that, if it doesn’t happen your repair is completely free. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable handpiece service in Canada.

    Be sure to reach out to us for any questions and find out how you can take advantage of our 72-hour guarantee on the repair and maintenance of your handpieces.

    *A pre-approved repair

    Service Request